Our Services

At the Education Counselor family, we offer services to international and foreign students attending the best universities abroad for tertiary education, such as Turkey and Cyprus, America, Canada, Japan, Korea, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden, the Czech Republic and many more. The primary focus of our services is High School and University consultancy.
We help high school students find the appropriate curriculum to suit their educational background. We guide them to choose the school where they will not face equivalence problems related to their diplomas. We list the schools that will be most appropriate for their citizenship and support them to get affordable discounts at the best schools. We may choose to apply academic tests to our students to determine their level. As a result of the evaluation of our academic staff, we then recommend the most suitable schools in line with the family budget and the demands of the family.
There are important details that improve opportunities for acceptance and scholarships during the university application process. First of all, as an agency, we have the highest scholarship rates for our students with our partner universities. You can enroll with higher scholarships than other students at the same university. In addition, it is very important to have strong supporting documentation such as motivation letters, CV, and reference letters in order to obtain high scholarships from universities above the standard discount rates or from universities that we are not partnered with. As we assist in providing these documents, we provide consultation on choosing the right profession, completing the equivalence procedures on time without any problems, with your visa application process, listing dormitory availability, meeting your accommodation needs, and even with your citizenship application processes.
We provide faster and more practical communication with schools/universities for you, and we follow up every step of the process to meet your requirements most closely.
For the exams you will sit, we support your private tutor needs by enabling you to contact the most expert teachers who can provide you with the highest quality tutoring and give you the best possible chance of passing your exams with a good grade.
You can get support from our educational psychologist to choose the right department according to your professional orientation, talent, and tendencies.
You will have the chance to communicate directly with students already studying at the university of your choice to get first-hand information about the country and city where you want to study, live and work.
We also provide consultation regarding your questions about equivalence and the international recognition of your diploma.

You can contact us for the services below

Elementary/Middle/High Schools
Primary / Secondary Schools
  • · I want counseling to find the school suitable for the education curriculum I have taken.
  • · I don't want to risk diploma equivalency obstacles.
  • I want to study at the best school depending on my success and at the most affordable price.
  • · I want to find the right school for me that offers an international education and foreign language classes.
  • · I want to know the content and system of international schools in Turkey.
  • · I want guidance for school tours and mediation for the maximum possible discount from schools
  • · I want to contact some students who are already studying in the school that I want to attend.
  • · I want to know which is the most suitable subject choice / high school for the university I want to apply to.
University / Masters / PhD
  • · I'm not sure which country I want to study in.
  • · I'm not sure which area of study I want to specialise in..
  • · I want the maximum discount from the university I will attend.
  • · I don't know which university is the best for the department I want to attend.
  • · I would like to meet with an international student studying at the university of my choice.
  • · I don't know what documents I need to prepare.
  • · I don't want to risk my application being rejected or delayed.
  • · I want to prepare my documents in the correct way for the best universities.
  • · I need guidance for my motivation letter.
  • I would like to work with experienced instructors who are well-versed in the exam requirements · for the exams I am preparing for.
  • · I want to be informed about different scholarship opportunities.
Other Services
  • · I want to apply for citizenship in Turkey.
  • · I want to apply for high school diploma equivalency.
  • · I want to apply for a student visa.
  • · I want to apply for a residence permit.