Who Are We?

Our institutional education family includes Education Counsellors, Education Consultants, School Counsellors, Psychologists, University Representatives, Volunteer International University Students, and our Partner Universities. All of us embrace international cultures and experiences, reaching out to and helping all students who aspire to become international students.

We plan your primary, secondary, high school, university, and postgraduate education in parallel with your academic success, future plans, and educational background. Our team can apply aptitude tests and measurements, and in coordination with our experienced academic staff will help you to find the best and most appropriate education route for you without losing a year or wasting money.

Our team expands frequently, with experts, editors, education consultants, teachers, and graduate students, who ensure that your files are prepared in the most professional way during your application and school registration processes at the university to ensure that you gain acceptance or a scholarship from high ranked universities.

Every student, who makes use of our consultancy services, becomes a business partner and is offered an opportunity to work part-time with us. We have many experienced international volunteer students who can provide guidance and insight into the benefits and opportunities of international study. Our institutional education family consists of more than 300 people who are ready to reach out to and help every ambitious young person who dreams of receiving an international education abroad.