Portfolio Support

There are important details that improve opportunities for acceptance and scholarships during the university application process. First of all, as an agency, we have the highest scholarship rates for our students with our partner universities. You can enroll with higher scholarships than other students at the same university. In addition, it is very important to have strong supporting documentation such as motivation letters, CV, and reference letters in order to obtain high scholarships from universities above the standard discount rates or from universities that we are not partnered with. As we assist in providing these documents, we provide consultation on choosing the right profession, completing the equivalence procedures on time without any problems, with your visa application process, listing dormitory availability, meeting your accommodation needs, and even with your citizenship application processes.

  • Motivation Letter Improve
  • CV Develop
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Education Coach Service (ExtraCurricular/Volunteer Work and Study plan support)
  • Education Coach Service (Exam Preparation, Teacher Arrangement and Planning)
  • Consultancy to apply SAT
  • Consultancy to apply AP
  • Consultancy to apply ACT
  • Consultancy to apply IELTS
  • Consultancy to apply TOEFL
  • Curriculumn / Subject Choise
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